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design and construction

Our lever improves on every single aspect of the BMW lever. First we eliminate any possible source of breakage by eliminating all welds. We start with a 38mm steel bar and carve the inner lever out of it. The pivot ball and bushing housing are now structural member of the shift linkage and the shifting stress does not go through the welds. The added advantage of this method is also that the pivot ball is also made of steel and will not wear as it rotates inside the hard plastic bushing.
step one
autosolutions.net We then bend the inner lever to the proper angles essentially mirroring the BMW lever. The objective is of course to position the shift knob in its original location. Sometimes we will customize the bends slightly increasing or decreasing one or both bends and changing the position of the shift knob to the driver's liking. Interestingly we are to our knowledge the only company that actually bends the lever along both the front/back and the left/right planes. This double bend can be found in all our levers even in our budget line.
step two
Finally we add the anti rotation tabs and compression washer. The inner lever is now ready to be heat treated, plated and assembled to the outer lever
autosolutions.net shift lever
Similarly the outer lever is also carved from a 6061 T6 heat-treated aluminum bar. The outer lever length at 150mm is slightly shorter than most BMW levers and is the product of 15 years of experience. Several lengths were tried over the years. We tried a 135mm, a 179mm and a 157mm length. Both the 179 and 135 length were rejected with the 135 being too short for proper ergonomics and the 179 being not very versatile. The 157mm length turned out almost ideal. We shortened it to 150mm to increase its versatility when using the pivot-raising adapter.

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