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The AutoSolutions upper lever was designed with strength and rigidity in mind. We built it thicker than any factory lever and of a stronger grade of aluminum. We inspired ourselves from the factory late shift levers and designed it with a broader shoulder area than the early BMW levers. But we also designed it to accept any factory or aftermarket shift knob
We also enhanced a feature we found on the e30 m3 lever and added a 1mm thicker belt at the bottom of the lever. This feature is far superior in to the crimp used on the 850i lever to increase rigidity at the base of the shifter
autosolutions.net We assemble the outer lever to the inner lever with a rigid yet vibration-dampening system. The objective is to give the driver as much pin point control of the shift pattern. We use the earlier BMW setup to couple both pieces. It has the same rigidity as the earlier (up to 94) German-made lever and has much less give than the later French-made levers.
And we go one extra step by filling the void between the two rubber bushings with silicone rubber. This accomplishes three things
  • It spreads the shift effort over a the full length of the inner lever
  • It fully dampens the billet aluminum upper lever
  • It seals the locking device and permanently connects the two pieces

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